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Making Kalamata’s Youth Entrepreneurial

Since its creation, Mindspace, has always had the vision of enabling young people in Greece and the Balkans to become more involved with Entrepreneurship in a personal and professional level. Starting in Athens, Mindspace has now expanded in multiple cities across Greece. With the support of Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation, Mindspace, has now expanded in Kalamata.

The idea is to familiarise Kalamata’s Youth with the mentality of Entrepreneurship and motivate them to take action, gain experience and contribute to the Entrepreneurial scene of Greek Provinces.

Mindspace’s first activities to achieve its vision in Kalamata was to organise a 3-day webinar happening targeted towards Kalamata’s Youth. The Webinar’s themology was key-issues that would be interesting for them to hear, consider and talk about around entrepreneurship, agriculture, sustainability and tourism. It was essential for us to create spaces that would feel worthy for our audience to join and interact, we searched for speakers that are relevant and experienced in the fields of discussion and we are very pleased with the turnout.

The first day, our speaker was Mr. Filaretos Vourkos, an experienced freelance learning instructor that has worked in preparing young people for business initiatives and finding a job. The webinar was all about entrepreneurship, opportunities and how young people can

take advantage of different opportunities in order to start building their future careers.

For the next webinar, our speaker was Dr. Anastasios Darras. Dr. Darras is an Associate Professor at the Department of Agriculture at the University of Peloponnese. He is a faculty member of the University and Head of the Floriculture and Landscape Architecture Lab. His academic activity is divided between lecturing and research. Dr. Darras talked about the Agriculture sector, potential opportunities, challenges, employment and the sector’s growth. He also dedicated a section of the webinar to analyse agricultural contractions and machinery, equipment and innovation, ecology and biodiversity.

Our final webinar was all about Tourism, Greece’s largest sector and its biggest “national product”. Mr. Konstantinos Andrianopoulos, founder of Kalamata’s Tourism school and Mr. Ilias Kalfakakos, TourismLab’s Business Advisor, talked about how and why young people should look at tourism as a huge career opportunity and gave their insights and advice for those who are considering the tourism sector as a business opportunity.

Mindspace, always looks for ways to make youth entrepreneurial. Kalamata’s webinars are the first step in involving and activating its youth into a more entrepreneurial mindset. All of Kalamata’s activities are made possible thanks to Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation and their support to Mindspace. We want to thank our speakers, Mr. Vourkos, Dr. Darras, Mr. Andrianopoulos and Mr. Kalfakakos. We also want to thank our supporters, Univeristy of Peloponnese, KANE, PHAOS, Kalamata’s School of Tourism and Tourism Lab. Last but not least, we want to thank everyone who attended the webinars. For those who couldn’t make it, our webinars will be available at Mindspace’s YouTube channel shortly. Below, you can find the links to our YouTube Channel and our speakers’ LinkedIn Pages.

We are thrilled for our next activities in Kalamata and we can’t wait to experience them with all of you.


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