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Mindspace University

What is Mindspace University?

Mindspace University is an online 3-month program with two parts (Educational and Entrepreneurial) focused each time on a different specific sector, including entrepreneurship basics whilst organised and delivered by multiple entrepreneurs-mentors and judges from Silicon Valley, Greece and Europe, together with Mindspace volunteers and staff.  


The program contributes to unemployment relief through new business ideas based on market needs and the development of entrepreneurial & public speaking skills for students with different academic backgrounds, who get introduced to entrepreneurship terms and move on to utilise their knowledge effectively. Strong networks are created between students and mentors, inspiring students to innovate in their profession & tackle future challenges.

Parts of the Mindspace University
Online Program
Educational Part

All teams receive education and mentoring that will help them stand out and be one of the 8 teams that will get to the entrepreneurial part

Duration: 4-week online program

Content: Challenges and Business Opportunities

in the thematic sector
Format: Interactive workshops, virtual

classrooms & webinars

Delivered by: 15 stellar entrepreneurs, academics and C-level employees from big companies and start-ups

Entrepreneurial Part

The best 8 teams get personalised training to improve their ideas for the final pitch event to claim the Award

Duration: 4-week online program

Content: Mentoring and Coaching on the business ideas of each team

Format: 1-1 mentoring sessions, Business Model Trainings and Presentation Skills workshops

Delivered by: >15 entrepreneurs, investors & executives from international companies and start-ups

Mindspace University V:
Life Sciences
Applications Deadline: March 15, 2023
About the theme

Discover the Challenges and Business Opportunities in the Life Sciences sectors and Create New Business Ideas with Mentors from Greece, the USA and European countries. Sessions will be focused on Medical Technologies, Biotechnologies and Digital Health Applications, Entrepreneurship Basics and Digital Tools.

Who can apply?

Are you a student or recent alumnus/alumna from Greece, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Romania or Poland? 
Join Mindspace University and expand your Entrepreneurial horizons with Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, Greek Mentors, Mindspace and its Balkan partners to Claim:

Schedule: TBA

Winning Team

gets 10,000€


Training to create your new business and enter the start-up eco-system


1 free participation in a Mindspace Trip to the USA


5 discounted participations in a Mindspace Trip to the USA


Best teams join on-site incubation & acceleration programs

& more to be announced

Participation Fee:

Our partners cover 100% of the participation cost*

Participants can join Mindspace University

for free.

*Our partners cover 100% of the cost for the best 100 applicants of Mindspace University V: Life Sciences.

Image by Annie Spratt
What people say about Mindspace University

Co-founder of

"This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it's all about you."

"Mindspace helped me meet with Alec Karys, who now is a very active mentor and in our board of advisors. He has helped us reach investors and develop our team and strategy."


Apostolos Apostolakis


George Varvarelis

Founder & CEO of Augmenta


Nefeli Chatziioannidou

Founder of Yperohes Gynaikes

"An eye-opening experience that has equipped all the contestants with the hard skills to lead innovation and change. An amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to evolve and develop personally or professionally!"

Image by Zoran Borojevic
In our Alumni's words

Mindspace changed me as a person. It showed me the way to fit my ego in a team. Every team I had participated so far was with known to me people. Mindspace set there a challenge, which in the end had very positive impact on me. Beyond that, it changed my mindset by putting in mind the aspect of entrepreneurship.

Among our benefits were an industry interested in buying our solution as soon as it reaches a solid and mature state, introduction to two incubators, advisors willing to help with fundraising etc. We are in contact with many experienced professionals we met through Mindspace University, so I'm sure we'll have many stories to tell in the future. I'm sure that the benefits will be even more after the trip to the US.

It has improved my strategic planning and communication skills. - It has helped me form and express my ideas in a way that makes my audience understand exactly what I'm talking about and relate to the problem. Furthermore, it has helped me approach people in a better way.

I really believe that now I can clearly see opportunities, when other people see disaster or failure. To my way of thinking Mindspace didn't change me as a professional, but it did set the base for great things to come. That's more important to me considering my future profession.

It expanded my public speaking skills. - Having experience in volunteer groups and having participated in scientific conferences, I have held many public presentations. Presenting something to such a big audience and to experienced judges, some of which could examine our solution from a client perspective, was a first for me.

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Mindspace University: Agritech & Foodtech winners.

Watch the video on YouTube.

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