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Promoting Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

This month, Mindspace, was invited as a guest speaker and judge to an event about Youth Entrepreneurship in Agriculture.

The 2-day training, organized by the Institute of Agriculture of the Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, took place in Ohrid, North Macedonia as part of EIT Food’s Startup Awareness Event.

The theme of innovation and entrepreneurship was ever present, with the speakers giving lectures on topics such as business strategies, developing the CANVAS model and pitching tips, with examples from the agricultural sector. The participants then formed teams and each developed and presented their own startup ideas.

The focus of the event was Agriculture and Food Technology, Mindspace had the opportunity to present its current University program, as well as our own training event in Kalamata last month.

Later, our representative, Irene Leontakianakou, served as part of the judging committee on the event voted on the best presentation, and моја салата - My Salad, a startup about the vertical production of quality fresh greens, won the first place.

We would like to thank once again the Institute of Agriculture for inviting us! It’s always a pleasure for Mindspace to participate in such events that share our vision, culturing the entrepreneurial thinking among youth.


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