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Mindspace University IV:
Agritech & Foodtech
Applications Deadline: 8/10/2022
Starting Period: Mid-October 2022
Educational Part
Get access to online webinars, virtual classrooms, resources and case studies from successful entrepreneurs and experienced mentors to become familiar with common terms & methodologies of entrepreneurial programs, understand more about the fundamental economic & technological concepts in the Agritech & Foodtech sector and get an insight on technologies, major challenges and future business opportunities in AgBiotech, Vertical Farming, Next-Gen Foods and Regenerative Agriculture. Moreover, you learn the process of generating an idea and get trained in the Business Model Canvas principles so as to structure your idea with your team, as you will be asked to submit a business model canvas at the end of this part so as to proceed to the next Entrepreneurial Part.
Find your co-founders
In case you don’t have a team or are looking to add more members, we help you find one and match you with other talented peers based on your skills, mentality and goals via online peer-to-peer networking sessions. In case you already have a team, you participate with your team as it is. 
The Best 8 Teams, which will be selected from an independent judging committee will enter the Entrepreneurial Part
Entrepreneurial Part
The best 8 teams that were selected during the Educational Part, enter the Entrepreneurial Part to get personalised mentoring sessions, trainings and presentation skills workshops and collaborate with entrepreneurs and mentors, so as to improve their idea,  experiment with entrepreneurial tools and prepare for the Final Pitching Event to claim their seat to the Mindspace Trip to the US and 10.000 Euros. 
Final Pitching Awards

Winning Team

gets 10,000€


1 year Cloud Service by Lancom


50% off

after that


1 free participation in a Mindspace Trip to the USA


5 discounted participations in a Mindspace Trip to the USA


Winning team gets 3 months of free accounting service by


Best teams join on-site incubation & acceleration programs


Training to create your new business and enter the start-up eco-system

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