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Sustainability & Circular economy


Sub-topics are topics that fall under the umbrella of the thematic area that is chosen for this year's Mindspace University. Participants can develop their unique and innovative ideas based on these topics.

Explore how digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, can be harnessed to drive circular economy practices and sustainability across various industries.

1. Circular Economy in Digital Technologies

Explore the concept of circular cities and how urban planning, waste management, energy systems, and transportation can be integrated to create sustainable and resilient cities.

2. Circular Economy and Circular Cities

Focus on integrating sustainability into the product development process. Discuss eco-design principles, life cycle assessment, sustainable materials sourcing, green product certifications, and strategies for reducing the environmental impact of products

3. Eco-Design and Sustainable Product Development:

Investigate business ideas related to sustainable agriculture and tourism, including precision farming solutions, vertical farming systems, agrotourism, sustainable tourism etc.

4. Sustainable Agriculture and Tourism

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