Serving universities

Mindspace is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by Greek university students and young alumni with a puprose - To see more ideas proceed from the academic environment to serve society, instead of staying trapped in the university.

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What we do

We provide tech and business skills.

  • Mindspace Lab

    A makerspace inside the university aiming to provide the necessary tools and assistance, that would allow students to develop their innovative technological ideas.

  • Mindspace Network

    We help with our resources and our network people with business ideas.

  • Rolemodels events

    Inviting people from succesfull startups to share their knowledge.

  • Fuckup nights

    A global movement that aims to accelerate the learning process while reaching people closer to actual cases of business failure.

  • Tech Workshops

    Short technichal seminars for hands-on skills like web, mobile development for people with a tech idea.

  • Tech Projects

    Short technological and mechanical projects taking place in our LAB at NTUA.

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