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We're joining an entrepreneurial training in Cyprus

Mindspace is constantly on the lookout for new ways to promote entrepreneurship to university students and young people in general. This time we are joining an Erasmus+ training in Cyprus giving the opportunity to two young Greeks, to participate for free, with all travel, accommodation and basic living costs covered.

About the program

The Erasmus+ program we are joining is called "Developing Employability through the Entrepreneurial Method". It is organised by the Cypriot organisation "NECI EU" and it is hosted in Paralimni, Cyprus. It consists of two parts, the organisational part and the training part. The first part has already taken place. Two members of our team have already flown to Cyprus and have been part of the organising team along with members of other entrepreneurial organisations throughout the Balkan area. Organisations that take part in this program come from Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Romania, North Macedonia and Turkey.

Photos from the organisational/planning part:

The program's guide mentions:

"This project is designed to promote non-formal learning through which representatives of the partner organisations will share personal and professional experiences, contribute based on their competencies, work collaborative, irrespective of background and develop a programme which will meet the following objectives:

Objective 1: International cooperation between experienced and not experienced Organisations and individuals but also between target groups, youths and youth workers who aim for eliminating discrimination and marginalisation through social inclusion practice.

Objective 2: We aim to develop projects to leave an efficient impact for the next Erasmus period on the topic of healthy being, lifestyle and healthy society in general (mind, body)

Objective 3: To develop skills and competencies to youth for improving entrepreneurship and employability."

The timeline

The second and main phase of the training will start on the 24th of November and will be completed on the 3rd of December 2022. In this phase, participants from all the organisations will fly to Cyprus in order to attend this training.

Our participants

Mindspace will have 3 attendees in this training. One will be a representative from Mindspace and two will be young people we have selected to participate. We gave the opportunity to two members of the team which won the competition part of our Agrifood Solving event in Kalamata to participate.

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