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We joined an entrepreneurial training in Cyprus!

In November 2022, we joined an entrepreneurial training in Cyprus in collaboration with Erasmus+, organised by NECI EU. The target of the training was for people interested in entrepreneurship to join and get into the entrepreneurial spirit and thinking through non-formal learning activities. Mindspace chose 2 university students from Greece along with one representative to join the training. Below you can find the reflection diaries of the participants and some photos depicting training sessions they hosted after they arrived back to Greece sharing what they have learnt with more people.

The reflection diaries:

Participant #1:

Today is the last day of the Developing Employability through the Entrepreneurial Method in Cyprus. This was a great overall experience. I believe that is pretty interesting to be part of a training that uses non-formal learning. Throughout the training we got to develop and work on basic skills like communication, presentation, public speaking etc. which are essential for an entrepreneur.

I also loved the multicultural aspect. We got to meet and interact with people from other countries and cultures, learn about their traditions, songs, dances and food. It was great to hang out with people with a completely different lifestyles.

Last but not least, having an intense and all day training like this gives you insight about yourself and how you can manage to work fast and effectively on demanding tasks whilst cooperating with people who you don't know and may have a language barrier present. Circumstances like these can enable you to pivot and find new ways to communicate and cooperate which is very important in today's world.


Participant #2:

As we approach the closure of the course I would like to share a few things that comes to mind.

First of all I would never imagine that in just 10 days I would meet such unique people from so many different countries. It's the most precious thing I take with me.

As for the course I found the non formal learning activities very educational and fun at the same time. Meanwhile, I developed some fundamental entrepreneurial skills such as public speech, communication and promotion.

Of course the trainers were very helpful and understanding along the way which made things roll very smooth.

In conclusion, reflecting back on the moment I made up my mind and decided to apply for the course, I have to say that i don't regret it at all and If the chance appears again I will grab it like a candy.


Participant #3:

The last 10 days have been a extraordinary experience for me.

Through this program, I have deepened my knowledge to entrepreneurship and business development. Most importantly, through public speaking training, I observed an improvement on me. I experienced non-formal learning which has been really appaling to me.

I have come to contact with local business people and the area in general.

Also, I have had many days to meet people of different countries and cultures, which contributed to expanding my horizons and learning to tolerate others. I made new friends and I hope that some paragraphs of our book of life is shared together in the future.

The pictures:



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