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50 Mindspace University Scholarships by THI

As you may already know, one of Mindspace's activities towards achieving our goal of making students entrepreneurial is "Mindspace University".

Mindspace University is an online 3-month program with two parts (Educational and Entrepreneurial) focused each time on a different specific sector, including entrepreneurship basics whilst organised and delivered by multiple entrepreneurs-mentors and judges from Silicon Valley, Greece and Europe, together with Mindspace volunteers and staff. This season's theme is "Agritech & Foodtech".

Given the nature and the needs to organise an activity like this, there is a participation fee for everyone who is interested in joining. Starting today, thanks to The Hellenic Initiative, applicants have the opportunity to receive a Mindspace University Scholarship and have 100% of the participation cost covered.

Applications for Mindspace University will be open until Monday, October 10. In case you want to apply for a scholarship, state it in your application in the dedicated section towards the end.

We are always on the lookout for new ways to give students and young people the opportunity to dive into entrepreneurship and start their own entrepreneurial path, we can't wait to see where this season of Mindspace University takes them.


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