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Open Call for Mentors | MIT ReACT x Mindspace

"The MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an institute-wide effort to develop global education programs that target the needs of underserved communities, including refugees, migrants and economically disadvantaged populations. We believe education is the best tool to help underserved learners achieve their goals, giving them a democratic platform to leverage their talents, access a professional career, and create positive change in their lives and communities. Developed by MIT faculty and staff, MIT ReACT’s programs follow an agile approach to continuous education. They combine classroom instruction, online learning, and practical experience to help students gain advanced competencies in key areas, such as computer and data science, statistics, and innovation, as well as creative and critical thinking. Through providing personal and digital academic support and connecting participants to paid internships, ReACT’s learning model aims to help learners from underserved communities everywhere advance academic and professional careers."

Mindspace is partnering with MIT ReACT to support talented learners in Greece and around the world, and we would love to connect with you about an opportunity to participate in the MIT ReACT 2022 Mentorship Program that will begin soon!

This year, the MIT Refugee Action Hub has over 100 talented refugee and displaced individuals who are starting their studies and careers in the tech sector by being part of MIT ReACT's Certificate in Computer and Data Science. Na’amal, a social enterprise established to provide refugees and other underrepresented populations access to dignified digital remote work, has designed this mentoring program to support learners in the professional skills to be successful in a remote and face to face work environment, and we would love for you to be a part of it!

As a mentor, you will be matched with a learner from a cohort of motivated individuals representing more than 25 different countries, all working to build skills in computer and data science, accelerate their careers, and make meaningful change in their communities.

The mentorship commitment entails:

  • Doing a short online module to learn some mentoring techniques and taking part in a virtual mentor orientation session which will be offered at a few different times to accommodate all time zones.

  • Meeting virtually with your mentee every two weeks from July - December 2022 (1 hour each)

  • Providing feedback on your experience and your mentees progress through start, mid- and end-term surveys

We are seeking professionals working in tech or tech adjacent roles who have the time and interest in supporting our talented learners as they navigate this exciting moment in their educational and career journey.

To sign up, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with further information and next steps for participating in our mentorship program.


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Unknown member
Jun 23, 2022

This very inspiring

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