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Mindspace for Northern Greece Innovation

This year, Mindspace, will be part of the "Innovation in Northern Greece and the institutions that support it 3.0". This two-day conference will take part on the 27th & 28th of May 2022 at Thessaloniki's City Hall.

The main aspects of the conference are:

  • The importance of innovation in Northern Greece

  • Who is it about

  • The sectors of the economy it reaches

  • Which institutions support the initiatives of small teams or businesses to innovate

  • The financial tools that exist

  • Other types of support that can be provided

  • What kind of challenges surfaced during the pandemic

The goal of the conference is to overview the development and evolution of innovation in Northern Greece during the pandemic and see what's in store for net year.

Mindspace will be part of the "Innovation Contest" workshop on Saturday, May 28th. Our representative, Dimitris Thanos, will talk about Mindspace's activities to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Greece and specifically in the Northern part of the country.

You can book your spot in the conference here

You can register for our workshop here

You can look at the schedule here

We are truly excited to be part of this initiative and we can't wait to see you all in Thessaloniki.


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