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Art & Social Entrepreneurship Trip

One of Mindspace’s main activities is organizing educational trips in the US, for people keen to dive into the entrepreneurial world, mainly focused on tech startups and businesses.

This year, we're adding a trip to Europe for people who are interested in Arts and Social Sciences.

This trip is aimed for people who:

  • Are interested in Arts

  • Have a creative outlet & want to take it further

  • They care about social matters

  • They have a background in Social Sciences

  • Are concerned about a social cause and would like to work on that

Whether you fit in some of the characteristics mentioned above or you are hyped by just reading them, this trip is for you.​

What to expect:

The main focus of this trip is to meet and network with people and businesses within the Arts and Social Sciences ecosystem.

Through the 10-day trip to Paris and London, you will understand the connection between entrepreneurship, art and social matters. Additionally you will discover the various job positions and career opportunities within the creative business and social entrepreneurship. Our visits will include social/human-centred companies, creative organisations (think of Tate galleries, The Sunday Times etc.), universities, research centres and co-working spaces.

So if you are a social scientist, a student in the field or a passionate aspiring artist, this trip is for you.


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