Take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey

All selected applicants participate in a free 3-day educational workshop!


The winner is awarded 10000 €

3 winners travel for free to the U.S.

10 winners get discount to join U.S. Mindspace Trip [see below]

Challenge 2020




Postponed Fall 2020 - date to be announced!




Postponed Fall 2020 - date to be announced!




Postponed Fall 2020 - date to be announced!




Postponed Fall 2020 - date to be announced!




Postponed Fall 2020 - date to be announced!




Postponed Fall 2020 - date to be announced!


The goal of this free educational workshop is to arm you with valuable skills in entrepreneurial thinking. Starting on Friday evening, we get to know each other and talk about what we are going to learn during the weekend. On Saturday, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions give you the chance to be advised by seasoned entrepreneurs and workshops taught by the best instructors are going to teach you skills that you will have for all your life. On Sunday your present your developed idea to a committee of experts who are going to select the teams who qualify for the finals. Lunch is on us, by our partners efood and PizzaFan!

Any number of qualified* teams from each workshop will be invited to join the finals in Athens.

Athens Finals: June (exact date to be announced soon)

* Qualification is achieved by teams that get at least a 75% score from the independent judging committee. Please read FAQ for more details.


  • Team #1 is awarded 10000 € as a grant

  • Teams #1 - #2 - #3 travel for free to the U.S.[They receive 2000 € discount to use for any Mindspace Trip. This discount is enough to travel for free to the U.S. Mindspace Trip.]

  • Teams #1 - #2 get automatically accepted in ACEin accelerator

  • Teams #4 - #5 receive 1000 € discount to use for any Mindspace Trip. 


  • Teams #6 - #7 - #8 - #9 - #10 receive 400€ discount to use for any Mindspace Trip. 


Find more about Mindspace Trip here.


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Apostolos Apostolakis,

Partner at VentureFriends

Mindspace is an excellent initiative that strengthens the entrepreneurial way of thinking to students and young graduates, exposing them to useful events and speeches and eventually pushing several of them into action.


Ioanna Fotopoulou

Founder at Simple Rocks

An ethical act of amazing young individuals coming together to give back to their community, to help young people start their own entrepreneurship journey. That’s what Mindspace Challenge was for me.

The alumni of Mindspace Challenge 2017 & 2018 have already founded 11 new businesses and created 49 new jobs with salary.

We are proud of them.


Andreas Theofilopoulos

Participant Challenge Ioannina

Mindspace made me realize I can get involved in the entrepreneurial space myself as a student. I've never been so passionate about building my idea into a business.


Nefeli Chatziioanidou

Participant Challenge Thessaloniki

Mindspace Challenge has been an eye opening experience that has equipped all the contestants, despite losing or winning the actual competition, with the hard skills to lead innovation and change. An amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to evolve and develop personally or professionally!


Clio Kappatou

Participant Challenge Ioannina

Mindspace for me was a unique experience that broadened my horizons in the field of entrepreneurship and startups. A great team of young people, exceptionally friendly, full of passion and willing to work hard to help. I am enlightened by this experience and more than enthusiastic for all the new fields that I discovered through that.


George Varvarelis

Winner Challenge 2017

Mindspace helped me meet with Alec Karys, who now is a very active mentor and in our board of advisors. He has helped us reach investors and develop our team and strategy.

What are the requirements to join Mindspace Challenge?

We try to help people that will benefit the most, since there is very limited number of people who can participate in each workshop. Therefore, Mindspace Challenge is not for you, if: (i) You are over 35 years old. This is because we have chosen to focus most of our efforts in youth empowerment, where the impact to our future society can be the highest possible. (ii) You have participated in Mindspace Challenge before. Because we believe you now have the mindset you need to start any project you want. However, you can still be part of a team that someone else leads and participate in Mindspace Challenge.

Do I have to live in Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Xanthi or Skopje to attend the workshop?

No, you can apply to any city and join if you are selected. Also, if you are selected and live in a different city than those four, we will cover your travel and accommodation expenses to get to the nearest city.

Do I need to speak English to attend Mindspace Challenge?

Yes, the whole program will be presented in English and the workshops will be held in English.

Is someone going to steal my idea if I talk about it?

Kindly view the following video ( and read the following article ( We expect every workshop participant to understand the basics of startup culture and if you are afraid to talk about your idea, you don't. For this reason, we highly recommend everyone watches those video lectures ( taught at Stanford by Sam Altman or the Startup School ( video lectures by Y Combinator.

What is the program of each 3-day workshop?

The goal of this workshop is to arm you with valuable skills in entrepreneurial thinking. Starting at 18:00 on Friday, we get to know each other and talk about what we are going to learn during the weekend. You will probably also receive a short homework assignment. We begin at 10:00 on Saturday, with mentoring sessions and workshops and end our day at 21:00. On Sunday we complete the presentation skills workshop. You get some extra time to modify your slide decks according to what you learned, and finally, all teams pitch their idea to a committee of experts who are going to select the two teams who qualify for the finals. The workshop is concluded at 18:30 on Sunday.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

In order to get the most out of this educational experience, it would be great if you already have prepared a slide deck for your project idea on which you can work with the instructors through the workshop. A laptop will help you modify your business idea presentation based on the input you receive from mentors and get it ready for the pitching session on Sunday. Other than that, you are only required to bring your passion to work on your idea.

How many members can my team have?

You can register through the app up to 4 co-founders for a project including yourself, but we may be able to accept only up to 2 people per team in the workshop (you may choose who will participate from your team).

What are the criteria to qualify for the finals?

At the end of each 3-day workshop, each team selects one member to present in 4 minutes their project. The judging committee grades the project’s feasibility (25%), the proof of market need (25%), the team (25%) and Presentation, Delivery & Persona (10%). Average among judges is calculated. The remaining 15% is about Workshop Progress & Participation and is graded by the instructors. Judges can not be members of Mindspace organization. All teams that have total score greater than 75% are invited to the Finals in Athens. However, no more than 3 teams can qualify per city. From our experience in the last years, 1-2 teams on average may reach a 75% grade in each city.

Can I participate if I have started a legal entity?

Yes, as long as you meet the other criteria mentioned above.

What about the discount for Mindspace Trip programs?

We are looking forward to organizing multiple educational trip programs, with different themes and different destinations. Please find here all current Mindspace Trips. We may develop similar programs in Europe or in the Middle East. The top 3 teams of Challenge can participate for free in the U.S. Trip, using their 2000 Euro discount, which is enough to send 1 member to the U.S. Trip. They may also decide to use this discount in another Trip, or they could even split the discount into up to 2 members of their team. The top 10 teams of Challenge can also use their discounts in any Trip they like, including the U.S. Trip. All discounts have to be used within 1 year of winning at the Challenge Finals.