Mindspace University Finals


Each team joins an Online Pitching Event to present its business idea to the judges, claiming 10.000 Euros, free attendance to Mindspace Trip in the USA, access to major incubation and acceleration programs such as the three-month accelerator program of AUEB (ACEin)- ENNOVATION and moree. Additionaly, there will be 2 runners up who will get significant discounts to participate in Mindspace Trip.

Finals Date

29/01/2021 at 18:00


Engineer for New Technologies and Innovation, Department of Strategic Planning and New Activities, HELPE


Investor, Founder and CEO at ADN Capital Ventures, Inc.

Marina Hatsopoulos

Entrepreneur & Writer


Angel Investor, Advisor


Energy Management Director at Heron Group

Head of Operations at The People's Trust




B.E.S (Big Energy Solutions)

Product Service

Juice Backup Solutions 

Brief description

Juice Backup Solutions is a network of portable chargers for electric cars. Electric car owners can order through our application the amount of electric power they need and one of the crew members' cars will arrive soon at their location.


Product Service

Smart Thermostat

Brief description

A subscription-based service that allows end-users to have better control of their heating and cooling system using smart control devices such as smart thermostats, plus add-on features, like data analytics or remote diagnostics, as a service.


Product Service


Brief description

"Helping hotels make the transition from linear to circular economy, reducing their initial costs, building an eco-friendly brand and obtaining satisfied, eco-conscious customers. Offering all-in-one solutions which make the hotels energy efficient and aware of their entire footprint"

iGEM Thrace

Product Service


Brief description

A solar powered device that consists of an innovative and eco-friendly homekit that will make it possible to have a diagnosis or even prognosis of potential cancer types. The accuracy of dentifying 3 different kinds of biomarkers will be enhanced through a database that will support the final goal.


Product Service

Green Bean

Brief description

Citizens and small local businesses will be able to recycle their wastes easily, tirelessly, and will get rewarded for doing so. Recyclable materials will be collected, sold, and delivered to certified recycling companies.


Product Service

E[gg]xcel Project

Brief description

E[gg]xcel Project proposes the development of high-yield, thermally stable CO2 capturing materials, using eggshells as feedstock, and their integration to a carbonation/calcination system (calcium looping).

Endeavor Analytics

Product Service

Earth Vader

Brief description

Earth Vader aims to drive people through a game that simulates the world going forward, and the impact of climate. This will prime the user who will then be redirected to our platform where they can calculate their real-life emissions and purchase carbon offset products.

Greek Geeks

Product Service


Brief description

Eausoseil is an ultramodern machine which with the help of hydroelectric energy coming from the liquid waste that citizens will throw into the machine, being responsible for offering people the ability of charging their mobile phone in specific public places in combination with providing them free WIFI.


Product Service


Brief description

An energy management app linked with a smart-meter for monitoring the energy consumption of households, provided by utility companies that want to increase the engagement with their customers, improve their experience, and adopt innovative technologies.


Product Service


Brief description

Tackling the single-use packaging, Pure is a closed-loop system, which is a medium between manufacturers and end-users/consumers providing reusable packaging through a distribution system.


U.S. Embassy Athens
US Embassy Athens.png
The United States Embassy in Athens is supporting, enabling us to offer the program for free to all participants
The People's Trust
The People's Trust kindly provides a 10,000 EUR grant to the winner of Mindspace University
Eurobank sponsors Mindspace activities including part of Mindspace University
Heron kindly sponsors the Mindspace University program
Meet And Code
Meet and Code aims to introduce children and young people between the ages of 8 and 24 to the world of technology and coding.
Greek Energy Forum
Greek Energy Forum supports Mindspace University with mentors and its deep knowledge in the Energy Sector
Greek Consulate SF
Greek Consulate in San Francisco kindly provides connections with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs

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