About the trip

Once every year, Mindspace organizes an educational trip to the United States. The trip usually takes place in Fall and is two weeks long. During the trip, a team of around 15 young people has the chance to meet and interact with representatives of top academic and industrial organizations, such as MIT, Harvard, Google, edX, Facebook, Uber, Stanford, major investment funds, accelerators, incubators and startups.

Three ways to be selected

Start a Mindspace Chapter and successfully organize the programs Meetup, Lab and Challenge for a year. Then, as city leader, you are invited to the next Mindspace Trip and you are also sponsored to attend. Mindspace covers your accommodation, airfare and typical daily expenses.

Win Mindspace Challenge. Mindspace covers accommodation and airfare for one person from each of the three winning teams.

Apply using this form. If you are accepted you pay the attendance fee which covers accommodation, airfare and access to all meetings. This fee is much less than if someone would pay to do the same trip alone, without even considering the additional value of meetings

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